Trump Team Gallery

We've gathered together the entire Trump team, cabinet members—noted—and executive branch White House senior staff and advisors. Click through each for more background on each. We've also included prior team members as appropriate.

Secretary of Labor (CABINET)


As Miami's U.S. Attorney, Acosta let a rich sex offender off easy in a deal. Who is he going to watch out for?

Chief of Staff to the Vice President


Pence rewarded Ayers with a plum position in the Administration for his work as a Trump campaign operative.

White House Chief Strategist


Bannon called himself a Leninist who wants to "bring everything crashing down." What if he manages to "destroy the establishment"?

Acting Director of National Drug Control Policy


Baum is a holdover who has worked in the White House almost two decades on drug policy.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (CABINET)


He turned down an appointment saying he wasn't qualified. Trump appointed Carson anyway. What changed?

Secretary of Transportation (CABINET)


Chao served in the Department of Transportation. She's married to Mitch McConnell. Qualified or connected?

Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)


He's a well-regarded long-time Wall Street lawyer. Will he swim with the sharks or protect the bathers?

Director of National Intelligence


Did Trump ask him to help quash the FBI Russia probe? He's not saying. Does he stand for principle or for Trump?

Counselor to the President


She savaged Trump while campaigning for Ted Cruz. Is that Trump is qualified to be President her ultimate personal alternative fact?

Secretary of Education (CABINET)


DeVos is a charter and Christian school champion. Is public education best served by privatization and desecularization?

Communications Director


He pioneered super-PACs after Citizens United. The first to go as Trump blames the messenger, not the message?

National Security Advisor


He spoke at the Kremlin's anniversary celebration for its RT propaganda channel. He sat next to Putin. How close before too close?

Deputy Advisor


Gorka is half of the Hungarian nationalist family affair in the White House. His wife helped wipe out DHS funding for anti-hate group Life After Hate.

United Nations Ambassador


Haley has no diplomatic training or international experience. What image will she project for America?

Director of Communications


Trump appoints yet another of his politically inexperienced long-time business staff into a key position. How long can she uphold her reputation that she doesn't lie?

Secretary of Homeland Security


Trump gravitates to the military mentality as exuding strength. Is this the best approach to multi-dimensional domestic security?

Senior Advisor


Does merely being Trump's son-in-law qualify him to advise the President of the United States?

US Trade Representative


Lighthizer has accused China of unfair trade practices. Should we antagonize the holder of $1 trillion in U.S. debt?

Secretary of Defense (CABINET)


Mattis hasn't been retired long enough to qualify as a civilian. More of Trump's militarism?

Administrator, Small Business Association


McMahon and her husband Vince built a business which peddles staged "reality." Our most quali­fied small business champion? Or pay to play?

National Security Advisor


McMaster is known as a "straight shooter." Can he succeed with the "gang that couldn't shoot straight"?

Senior Advisor


A protegé of Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon, is his brand of nationalism the kind that should have the President's ear?

Secretary of the Treasury (CABINET)


If Bernie Madoff and Goldman Sachs are the swamp, why pick Trump's campaign fund raiser swamp master?

Director, Office of Management and Budget (OMB)


When it comes to budgets, Mulvaney believes it's OK to shut down the government and that Planned Parenthood traffics dead babies.

Secretary of Agriculture (CABINET)


Will U.S. agriculture find a champion in a repeat climate science denier?

Secretary of Energy (CABINET)


Perry didn't know the DoE looks after America's nuclear arsenal when he wanted to get rid of the agency whose name he couldn't remember and now heads.

Director, Central Intelligence Agency


Pompeo is a "hawk." The CIA is, foremost, about intelligence. Will he advocate diplomacy or drones?

Secretary of Health and Human Services


Price intends to kill the Affordable Care Act by any mean possible. What happens to 30,000,000 newly insured under the ACA?

Chief of Staff


Priebus hitched his RNC chairmanship, political career, and the Republican party to the Trump bandwagon. Was his loyalty well-placed?

Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency


Pruitt copied oil company memos onto his Congress­ional letter­head as his own. Will he destroy our health and planet for corporate profits?

Secretary of Labor


He prefers robots to staff. No sick time. No vacation. No retirement. Best for America's workers?

Secretary of Commerce (CABINET)


The "King of Bankruptcy" and "distressed assets" loves deregulation. Will he now look out for the common worker?

Director of Communications


Mooch! We barely got to know ya! The Mooch was fired before he even got on the official White House payroll.

Attorney General, Department of Justice (CABINET)


He prosecuted civil rights workers simply registering black voters for voter fraud. This is now our AG protecting civil and voting rights?

Director of Legislative Affairs


Short is a long time conservative political operative and former Koch brothers employee. Will he push legislation for the top 1% or for working Americans?

Secretary of Veterans Affairs (CABINET)


Shulkin headed New York's Beth Israel Medical Center, walking the halls at night to check quality of care. Can he fix the V.A.?

Press Secretary


Perhaps it wasn't so much the messenger as the message of what Kellyanne Conway dubbed "alternative facts"

Secretary of State (CABINET)


Champion of working America on the world stage, or Russia's stooge?

Senior Advisor


Does merely being Trump's daughter qualify her to advise the President of the United States?

Acting Secretary of Health and Human Services


An empty cupboard compels Trump to appoint an HHS professional as acting Secretary after Tom Price resigns over his $1+ million dollar air travel bill.

Secretary of Interior (CABINET)


His first act was to bring back lead bullets banned in January because eating venison could raise lead levels in humans by 50%?

Thousands of Trump administration appointments to come

Who Else?

With thousands of positions still to go, will the Trump administration ever fill them or run lean and mean?

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