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When we began to share our worries about our future with others, we found out we're not alone, no matter what our party affiliation or whether we've stopped voting altogetehr because it doesn't matter, and it never makes any difference.

But if we are to live in a better future, we cannot be the quiet center, the forgotten center. To make a difference, we must arm ourselves with the facts, to know when politicians are being honest with us about issues, and when they're not.

We research and produce SaveWorkingAmerica! by hand, investigating issues important to the average working American family, like us. Our commitment to you is to follow the facts wherever they lead. With facts, we can debate constructively about the best action to take. But without the facts, we're just shouting opinions and beliefs at each other across the barricades.

We hope to build a community of interest so we can continue SaveWorkingAmerica! through this administration and the next. How you can help:

  • Share SWA with a friend. Share our articles.
  • Tweet us @SaveWorkingAm to let us know what issues are important to you.
  • Securely donate to help maintain our web presence and support our research—it takes time and effort.
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